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KDS 2020 will have a whole day of informative and engaging seminars on the key themes impacting the kiosk and digital signage market. These will be delivered by industry experts.

For 2020 the agenda has been extended to include the digital signage community. With this addition we are able to offer exhibitors and attendees a comprehensive picture of the customer engagement digital landscape faced by a wide range of verticals including kiosk, self-service, EPOS, digital signage, wayfinding serving retail, food service, public and corporate buildings, transport, venues and more.

Last year’s agenda featured five expert speakers sharing their insights on the most pressing topics and challenges facing the industry. Keep an eye out for the 2020 conference programme and speakers which are constantly being updated.


Graeme Derby
Director at Pyramid Computer GmbH

Three Golden Rules for Any Kiosk Deployment

In the presentation we will identify the ‘Three Golden Rules for any Kiosk Deployment’ and then outline the practical issues to be considered. Finally, It will highlight some examples of good practice and show a couple of poor deployments which gave kiosk development a bad name. WATCH SEMINAR VIDEO

Hans-Peter Nüdling
Chief Strategy Officer at Posiflex Group

Empowering the Self-Service Ecosystem

As more organisations take advantage of self-service kiosks as part of a broader digital and customer experience (CX) strategy, the orchestration of this strategy is becoming a significant business challenge. Connecting and monitoring multiple devices, including kiosks, across a digital ecosystem requires integration. Enabling AI-capabilities within this ecosystem for CX enhancement adds another layer of complexity. A full solution stack that integrates the application layer with the digital ecosystem and IoT remote monitoring can help solve this challenge and empower organizations with greater efficiencies and stronger performance.

Dr Bernard Parsons MBE
Chief Executive Officer at Becrypt

Securing Digital Transformation. Trends – Challenges – Innovation

Interactive kiosks have become an everyday part of our lives from self-service transactional POS systems through to information points, ticketing systems and biometric stations. Ongoing software innovation is vital in an age that continues to demand additional requirements from enhanced security for resilience and compliance, improved customer experience and more efficient solution manageability.

Peter Thompson
Director at imageHOLDERS

The self-service revolution. Why kiosks are only part of the solution

Self-service technology is on the rise everywhere, driven by the machine/human interface. Multiple vertical markets are harnessing this revolution to deliver better customer service and drive revenue. But kiosks are only part of the solution!

Neil Farr
Director at Acquire Digital

Finding your way through interactivity – Using Digital Wayfinding solutions to enhance your client experiences.

With the increasing interest in digital interaction, wayfinding has become a hot topic for use in retail spaces, smart city, hospital and travel locations. Learn how the technology can be used beyond the kiosk, and how the kiosk itself can be used to generate revenue in unexpected ways. Acquire Digital’s rollouts of their wayfinder solution has given them interesting insights into the technologies, pitfalls, and unique requirements of a successful digital wayfinding solution.

Lynne Colgan
Retail Business Consultant at NCR

Frictionless Commerce: Winning in the Age of Now

We are moving ever faster forward towards a retail revolution that is combining physical stores with the digital world.  How do we replace today’s high cost tactical experience with a fully flexible checkout? How do retailers continue on their Store Transformation journey towards a future of convenient checkout options to match shoppers’ needs and desires?  I will explore some examples of how the revolution is enabled and how we can remove some of our current roadblocks with solutions that move us towards a better customer experience.

Dean Ward
Founder/CTO at Evoke

The new retail landscape – The challenges and opportunities of delivering excellence and cutting through the hype.

Exploring the opportunities businesses face when integrating interactive digital systems, maximising their return on investment and avoiding the common pitfalls. WATCH SEMINAR VIDEO

Dr. Farhaan Mohideen
Strategic Product Planner at Intel Corporation

City engagement with Public Kiosks

The influx of people to cities are increasing demands on infrastructure and security at levels previously unseen. Major cities across the world are looking to increase their efficiency and provide an environment that is welcoming, with public services accessible with ease and private businesses being promoted, ensuring the public a safer and more pleasurable experience. Public Kiosks are starting to appear in city streets and there is a growing number of services being deployed to make the public interaction with the city more efficient.

Intel and their partners are working towards providing solutions to smart cities. One such solution is the varied services that can be deployed on public kiosks, which could include surveillance, wayfinding, environmental sensing and many more. The session showcases how Intel is working with their partner LG MRI to bring such solutions to life through the Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions Program.

Kris Bartel
Vice President at Zivelo

The Self-Aware Environment: A history of how Restaurants, Stores, Hotels, and Spaces have integrated digital into their experiences and where it’s headed

Taking the most important aspects from the early days of Retail Innovation at eBay and deployments of self-order kiosks at one of the world’s largest QSR’s, Kris Bartel will share key insights into understanding how to deploy public computing as well as the history and predictions for Artificial Intelligence.  Come and learn about key tactical steps you can take today to start your journey to a beautiful customer experience in the future.

David Spratt
Head of Business Systems Sales at Epson Europe

Maximising User Experience for Customers and Service Providers

With the increasing preference for millennials to self-serve, the proliferation of kiosks offers opportunities to drive efficiencies at the point of service or transaction. David will explore how the kiosk itself can also be enhanced to provide the best user experience for both the customer and the service provider.

Adrian Thompson

Re-Empowering Staff

With every new wave of technology, there is a perceived fear of machines taking away jobs. But kiosks can re-empower staff and provide them more opportunities to provide an exceptional customer journey. Adrian Thompson discusses how kiosks aren’t just for customers, but for staff too. WATCH SEMINAR VIDEO

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