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A new standard in large format displays 


CDS has introduced its Glorystar Infinitus Touchscreen Signage, heralding a breakthrough for businesses seeking to boost their customer experience on expansive 32in and 43in displays. Boasting anti-fingerprint and anti-glare touch glass, swift and sensitive responsiveness, and a sophisticated metal housing and bezel, this upgrade is tailor-made for applications such as gaming tables, digital whiteboards, and corporate signage, to name a few. The unit’s versatility allows installation in portrait, landscape or face-up orientation, delivering outstanding colour performance, high contrast, and wide viewing angles. Its resilience is evident through adherence to the 60950-1 ball drop proof testing standard, ensuring durability in large format displays.

CDS touchscreen signage features anti-fingerprint and anti-glare touch glass, crafted to resist fingerprints and glare, ensuring a crystal-clear display even in bright environments. The upgraded signage features a robust metal housing and bezel, providing heightened durability and protection against damage. 

Incorporating LED backlighting reduces power consumption and heat, enabling sleeker kiosk designs for diverse applications in retail, hotels, gaming, transportation and more. The Infinitus has undergone more than 20 reliability tests, achieving a demonstrated 50,000 MTBF. The integration of Glorystar touchscreens, software and drivers ensures seamless performance. 

The Glorystar Infinitus offers three distinct platforms, each with unique advantages:

  • Android Platform  
  • Windows Platform  
  • Touchscreen Monitor

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