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We appreciate and encourage suggestions and contributions for challenging, thought provoking and informative news and feature content. 

If you are interested in contributing an article, please email the editor, Laura Vallis, at Please describe the subject matter/angle for the proposed article – along with a brief synopsis. 

Feature articles should be 650-1500 words in length with a head and shoulders image of the author, their job title and any other pictures you would like to accompany the piece. We accept articles in Word format, text-only files or Google documents. Images should be high resolution (>300dpi) in jpg, png, eps or tiff format.

Features are credited to the author and the company or organisation concerned but must remain unbiased, neutral and not promote a company or product placement. 

Our detailed editorial guidelines can be found on our Advertise Page

We publish editorial contributions free of charge (at the discretion of the editor). However please do bear in mind that KDS is funded solely by advertising revenues. This helps to enable us to continue to curate and share engaging, informative and educative news and feature / bylined articles, on behalf of the companies involved in the industry.

The editorial programme for 2021 follows, but if you have an article that doesn’t follow these themes please don’t hold them back.

FEB / MAR 2021

Industry focus:

Digital signage
Innovative technology

Copy deadline – 9th Feb
Publication date – 2nd Mar

APR / MAY 2021

Industry focus:

Food Service
Customer engagement

Copy deadline – 13th Apr
Publication date – 4th May

JUN / JUL 2021

Industry focus:

Transport and Travel
Information boards

Copy deadline – 15th Jun
Publication date – 6th Jul

AUG / SEPT 2021

Industry focus:

Public spaces/venues
Interactive screens

Copy deadline – 17th Aug
Publication date – 7th Sept

OCT / NOV 2021

Industry focus:

Media servers
Contactless technology

Copy deadline – 19th Oct
Publication date – 9th Nov

Dec 2021 / Jan 2022

Industry focus:

Best practices
Touchscreen hygiene

Copy deadline – 17th Dec
Publication date – 11th Jan

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