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While Covid may not be right at the forefront of our minds anymore, it’s definitely still there in the background. 

Yes, some good came from the awareness of Covid related healthy and safe activities, such as washing hands more regularly and frequent cleaning and sanitisation of public areas. And for our industry, there was also a positive increase in kiosk and digital signage usage. However, how we take these learnings going forward may not only pay dividends for our personal safety, it could also help broaden our industry further.

Leading our feature articles in this issue, we take a look at the expectations around contactless payments on kiosks in open spaces since the pandemic. We ask how consumer behaviour and business confidence can impact the industry while forging opportunities.

But increased usage of kiosks and digital signage also increases power consumption. With energy costs escalating at such a high rate, businesses are more and more concerned about reducing these bills. We consider some measures that can be taken to reduce the energy used with minimum impact on efficacy.

We also explore ways of keeping digital display devices functioning at their best. Brightly lit digital signage may engage an audience positively, but a poorly maintained display can have the opposite effect if it can’t be viewed or is not displaying clearly or messaging is out of date. 

We love to hear your thoughts, opinions and considerations on the kiosk and digital signage industry, so why not get in touch to find out how you can get those opinions published? Did you know that we publish our feature articles free of charge? 

Get in touch with me at and join our KDS Europe thought leadership team. It’s a great way of getting your opinions out in the ether and provides our readership with thought-provoking and challenging narratives.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Laura Vallis


Editor’s Note


A round-up of some of the latest kiosk and digital signage news to hit the editor’s inbox.

Contactless Payments on Kiosks in Open Spaces

Pete Alcock, Head of Product Marketing at NMI takes a look at the expectations around contactless payments since the pandemic.

Powering Down Your Digital Signage – Five Steps to Reduce Power Consumption of Your Displays

Jeff Hastings at Brightsign highlights five ways to minimise the energy consumption of your digital signage network.

Digital Signage Best Practices

Nadav Avni, Chief Marketing Officer at Radix Technologies presents some tried-and-true ways to keep digital display devices functioning at their best.

Five Ways to Improve Digital Experiences in Your Workplace

Rose Moody, Creative Director at Vitec explains how to assess digital additions within your company to discover if they are making the expected improvements.

How Businesses Could Use Interactivity to Streamline Customer Experience

In the AV industry, interactivity is double-edged, encapsulating how AV providers use digital signage to engage customers, and how consumers respond. Tim Matthews, Senior Product Manager, TV and Visual Solutions for Vestel discusses.

Movers & Shakers

Promotions, organisational changes and new recruits across the kiosk and digital signage industry.

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