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The worst of Covid-19 may be behind us but it’s left its legacy which will no doubt hang around for some time to come.

Retail, hospitality, health, education and customer engagement sectors have been radically altered by our changing attitudes and interactivity. Customer service quality is now placed at a higher priority than ever before and that means that ensuring process, regulatory compliance and reliability are increasingly important factors.

In this issue of KDS, we look at how to manage the pain points in the customer engagement team, to help reduce the customer effort. We examine why food and beverage processors should consider moving their quality control to the cloud to aid data analysis, expedite process and ensure compliance. In addition, we investigate how cafes and coffee shops can digitise their daily operation to eliminate blind spots, enabling the proactive control of critical processes.

We also feature a guide on choosing a device management platform for interactive touchscreens for the education sector and discover the benefits and cost-efficacy of touchscreen technology in your business.

Plus we delve into the outcomes of AI, and how it can benefit businesses and offer transformative human connection and collaboration.

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KDS Europe

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A round-up of some of the latest kiosk and digital signage news to hit the Editor’s inbox.

A 2022 Guide to Choosing a Device Management Platform for Interactive Touchscreens

Interactive touchscreen displays are a great addition to every school’s equipment wish list. Along with the growing market for interactive touchscreens, is a need for reliable device management solutions. Nadav Avni, Chief Marketing Officer at Radix Technologies looks at choosing a device management platform.

Six Benefits of Touch Screen Technology for Your Business

Ben Telford, Armagard, looks at six benefits of touch screen technology for your business, plus some tips for getting started in the most cost-effective way.

The Power of Cloud-based Quality Management

Jason Chester (Director of Global Channel Programs, InfinityQS) discusses four reasons why food and beverage processors should consider moving quality to the cloud.

Managing Pain Points in the Customer Engagement Team

The first order of business is to help your team reduce customer effort whenever possible. Lee Cottle, European Director, Playvox explains.

How Can AI Transform the Way we Collaborate and Connect?

AI can offer many benefits for human connections and collaborations. Rose Moody, Creative Director, VITEC, delves into the outcomes of AI and how it can benefit businesses.

How Cafes and Coffee Shops can Digitise to Ensure they Stay Compliant and Safe

For all organisations in the catering industry, embracing digitisation in daily operations will eliminate compliance blind spots and enable you to proactively control your critical processes. Sam Roberts, Sector Director at mpro5 discusses.

Movers & Shakers

Promotions, organisational changes and new recruits across the kiosk and digital signage industry.

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