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​​​​Could 2023 see the industry breaking out of the pandemic holding pattern? It could be said that while the kiosk and digital signage industry has been integral in assisting continued commerce in a world demanding safe and healthy options, those same health and safety restrictions may have been detrimental to the industry’s evolution. It could even be said that it may have stunted the creativity of innovators who challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of progress, taking the industry to the next level.

On the other hand, customer service has changed immeasurably since Covid-19, with the growing popularity of eCommerce and social media becoming a driving communicator between brands and customers. With technology advancements, companies are finding new ways to connect with their customer bases. In this issue, Janine Hunt at Kura considers how the metaverse might impact and change the customer service industry further.

However, with costs rising exponentially, and organisations seeing their P&L balance sheets becoming more and more unbalanced, organisations are increasingly looking for ways to streamline costs and reduce expenses. But when you want the very best technology for your business while being conscious of cost, how do you do this? With some insights from Vitec, we explore why investing and utilising IPTV could be an economic opportunity to improve your customer engagement. 

With regard to customer engagement, we know that content is generally king. Of course, that in turn can provide its own set of complications. We talk to Tim Baker, Marketing Manager at Signagelive to explore the developments in simplifying the content creation process and discuss the options for control and management solutions.

If you’d like to contribute a feature article, please contact me at Our next issue’s editorial deadline for submissions is 13th February. If you think our readership would be interested in reading about your opinion, industry challenge or thought process, please send it through. The next issue of KDS could feature your story!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year! 

Laura Vallis


Page 3 – Foreword

Page 4 – News

A round-up of some of the latest kiosk and digital signage news to hit the editor’s inbox.

Page ​​10 – Top Five Developments for Content Creation

We talk to Tim Baker, Marketing Manager for content management solutions company, Signagelive and ask what can be done to simplify the content creation process.

Page 14 – How the Metaverse will Impact Customer Service

The customer service sector has changed dramatically in the last few years. With technology advancements occurring regularly, it is no wonder companies are finding new and wonderful ways to connect with their customer bases.

Page 18 – Industrial-grade Webcam Helps to Automate Tasks

SPONSORED CONTENT – Getting perfectly focused images and videos at all times, even when the distance between camera and object is constantly changing often involve the use of webcams. Heiko Seitz (IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH) discusses.

Page 22 – Adopting IPTV Solutions: How to Economise Without Compromising on Technology

Organisations are looking for ways to streamline costs and reduce expenses. We explore why investing and utilising IPTV could be an economic opportunity to improve your customer engagement.  

Page 26 – Remote Ordering Applications and Device Management

SPONSORED CONTENT – Star Micronics promotes remote ordering applications and device management with StarPrinter.Online.

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