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KIOSK AND DIGITAL SIGNAGE magazine (KDS), is the leading technical journal for manufacturers, integrators and deployers of self-service terminals and digital signage integrators. Previously known as Kiosk Solutions, our team at KDS understands the industry’s growing demands and has responded by expanding into kiosk’s complementary digital signage and wayfinding markets and rebranding accordingly.


Published six times a year, KDS magazine reaches a readership audience of 25,000 decision makers on a bi-monthly basis throughout the UK and Europe. The readership is comprised of customer service managers, directors, design engineers, project managers, CIOs, CTOs, CFOs and many more. 

Our readership presents a unique opportunity to reach a qualified audience not available through any other channel. Kiosk & Digital Signage magazine also has a digital subscriber database of 16,517 readers and is available on all major mobile platforms. 

See how to best use the marketing and communication options available to you through our integrated channels.

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KDS magazine brings together the core sectors that make up the global kiosk and digital signage industry, including: kiosk, self-service, EPOS, digital signage and wayfinding serving retail, hospitality, public and corporate buildings, transport, venues and more.

Our readers are buyers, suppliers, integrators, architects and AV professionals. They work in a wide variety of industries including tourism, retail outlets, FMCG operations.

KDS puts you in front of an audience of key decision-makers and buyers in search of new partners and suppliers.

CEOs, CTOs, FEOs, MDs & Founders
Retail, Sales and Marketing Directors
Heads of Business Development
Heads of Digital Self Service
Heads of Procurement
Heads of Operations
Retail Business Consultants
Research Consultants
Commercial, Digital Marketing and E-commerce Managers
Business Development Managers
Project & Account Managers
Software Managers
Procurement Managers
Sale Managers
Helpdesk Managers
Research Associates
Software Engineers
Workshop Engineers
Software Designers
Industrial Designers



Kiosk and Digital Signage magazine (KDS) is an independent digital publication, offering an objective view of the kiosk and digital signage industry.

Previously known as Kiosk Solutions Magazine, the publication received a rebrand in 2021 to accommodate the coverage expansion into the digital signage and wayfinding markets.

KDS reaches an audience of 25,000 decision makers on a bi-monthly basis across the UK and Europe. KDS also has a digital subscriber base of 22,000 readers accessible via all major digital platforms.


Subscribers are informed of the magazine’s publication by email. Emails are also sent out once a month to promote certain features, news items and other industry-specific information. We have an email subscriber list that reaches 16,819 subscribers.

Website is the UK and European forum for industry professionals; to find up-to-date information on all aspects of the industry.

The website is fiercely promoted within the magazine and other media, offering advertisers increased responses and marketing opportunities.

Social Media

Our magazines, features and news articles are promoted and regularly posted on our social media channels. 

We use LinkedIn and Twitter to engage with the kiosk and digital signage audiences with an active presence in business-specific forums and groups, frequently sharing news and feature articles. 

Take a look at our Twitter page or our LinkedIn page to get involved. Better still, join one of our social media channels and stay connected!



News items

Our news items consist of company notices, product launches, product reviews, awards, events and survey findings. 

Feature articles

Our feature articles comprises thought leadership items, industry reviews, opinion pieces, interviews and commentary items on industry-specific subject matter. Feature articles are unbiased and neutral ensuring that no company or product placement is written into the article. This ensures our advertisers are not at a disadvantage and that all our articles are free of bias.

Movers and Shakers

Promotions, new recruits, company or department restructures all come in under this section. Let us know your people news.



Advertising can be in the form of company or product promotion. You can contact our advertising team for details on costs. We accept adverts that are submitted to us in the form of image files saved as high resolution (>300dpi) .pdf, .png, .jpg or .eps format files.

Sponsored content

We publish sponsored or branded content in the form of advertorials, case studies, white papers and product/company features. As with advertising, this is a paid for option and our advertising team can help with advice and costs.



Copy deadline – 13th February
Publication date – 6th April

MAY / JUNE 2023

Copy deadline – 17th April
Publication date – 17th May

JUNE / JULY 2023

Copy deadline – 12th June
Publication date – 27th June


Copy deadline – 14th August
Publication date – 29th August


Copy deadline – 16th October
Publication date – 31st October


Copy deadline – 9th January 2024
Publication date – 15th January 2024


We are an independent publication, offering an entirely objective view of the industry. We do not buy, sell, trade or receive any sort of goods in return for printing editorial which features any given company.

We don’t allow our editorial to be used as a means of promoting a company. Articles may present the newsworthy acts and/or opinions of named companies, but all measures are taken to ensure that articles within KDS magazine reports the objective facts without bias.

Submissions may take the form of letters, interviews, articles, news or press releases. All editorial received from third parties is subject to the editor-in chief’s ultimate approval, and submission of an article is no guarantee of publication. All submissions should be made in British English.

Successful submissions will be subject to editing and alteration as the editor-in-chief sees fit. No contact details for any featured company will be published; that is what advertising is for. Where possible, we place a link to the contributing company’s website in the byline for all our features.

Please advise us at the time of submission if any article is time sensitive. If it has been accepted for publication but has an expiry date, it is the responsibility of the contributor to inform us at the time of submission.

Where possible, submissions should be accompanied by a selection of high-resolution images (minimum 300 dpi, in *.png, *.eps or *.jpg format) which should be relevant to the article. Accompanying images should not show any company logo, or at least seek to make any logo present as unobtrusive and indiscernible as possible. Positioning of an article within the magazine is at the discretion of the editorial team.

We accept press releases, product launch information, staff changes and company news items and publish these articles without bylines in the news section of our magazine. We also publish these online on our website.

Features articles
We accept unbiased, neutral features articles that are between 600-1500 words and are written with industry-centric information interesting to our readership. Features are also promoted and published online which can be seen on our features page.


We appreciate and encourage suggestions for interesting, thought provoking and informative news and feature content. 

Features are always credited to the author and the company or organisation concerned but must remain unbiased, neutral and feature no company or product placement. 

If you are interested in contributing an article or news story, please contact the editor, Hazel Davis, at and, in the case of feature ideas, please also describe the subject matter/angle for the proposed article – along with a brief synopsis.

Our detailed editorial guidelines can be found further above.

Editorial coverage is provided free (at the discretion of the editor), although please do bear in mind that the magazine is funded solely by advertising revenues, which helps to enable us to continue curating and sharing, engaging, informative and educative news and feature / bylined articles, on behalf of the companies involved in the industry. 

And don’t forget to put Hazel on your press release mailing list!

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