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Accelerate vaccination process while ensuring a seamless patient journey at vaccination centres

Accelerate vaccination process while ensuring a seamless patient journey at vaccination centres

By Duha Faidi, Marketing Manager at SEDCO,

COVID-19 pandemic brings a compelling urgency to maximise immunisation of populations. Many countries have started vaccination campaigns against the coronavirus. It is critical for governments and ministries of health to immediately respond and implement satellite or off-site clinics for mass vaccination, for instance, renting spaces in Expo centres and temporary marquees or tents.

The challenge now is how to manage capacity constraints so that people take their second dose smoothly.  This article presents some automated solutions that can help to streamline the flow before, during and after the vaccination journey:

Online Appointment Booking

People can book online appointments in advance to avoid crowds and maintain social distancing. They can wait outside the centre until they get an SMS notification about their turn. Alternatively, they can wait in a waiting area that complies with social distancing rules.

People can check-in by scanning a QR code when arriving at the centre and enjoy a complete touchless experience 

Self-service kiosks

Walk-ins with eligible documents can register through self-service kiosks inside the centre and join the vaccination journey. Through integration with advanced appointment booking, the system offers the flexibility to re-arrange and swap the appointment slots. 

For instance, if a nurse finishes the vaccination of a person early, the advanced system can utilise/occupy the remaining time by calling one of the waiting people in the centre to get vaccinated.

People can also book for their second dose thorough KYC kiosks, with the ability to scan ID cards and any other required documents. They can also add their feedback about the vaccination experience through the touchscreen kiosks.

Omni-channel to better inform and guide people

Keep people informed about the availability status of the vaccination room, recovery room, or emergency room etc.

The system calls the next person for vaccination by mobile, digital screens, or audio announcement system.

Dynamic allocation: advanced flow management system 

Having an advanced queue management system, with smart integration with both online booking and self-service kiosk will help to better manage the people flow to avoid waiting in queues, where the system can:

  • Notify the nurse whenever any room is sanitised and ready.
  • Calling the next person to vaccinate by one “Flow Nurse”, who can control the queue on many counters with a simple click on a tablet
  • Colour coding feature: for a more convenient journey, the system matches the room colour to the floor signage, aiming to guide people to the right room. 
  • After vaccination, the system auto-relocates people to the recovery area.
  • Notify the nurse after a specific time to verify people’s health condition and make sure no symptoms appeared before they are discharged.

Power of BI: monitor the whole vaccination journey in real-time

Take the extra mile to ensure a seamless vaccination journey for people. With BI system, supervisors can view live dashboards and maps to monitor the status of each hall/room/nurse in your vaccine centres. It offers live monitoring, SMS alerts, and advanced reporting about:

  • Efficiency per each clinic.
  • Peak hours.
  • Performance of centres, nurses and counters.

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