Scroll Top And KioWare Partner To Make Traditional Kiosks More Interactive, the global leader in real-time communications solutions, today announced its partnership with KioWare, a leading provider of OS, desktop and browser lockdown security for the kiosk and self-service industry. The new partnership will allow businesses to deploy video conferencing-enabled kiosks for a wide range of uses.

The newly introduced KioCall, a video conferencing product for use on existing kiosks running KioWare software, allows kiosk users to initiate and receive video chats with call centres, other kiosks and groups. KioCall is powered by Agora RTC SDK, a robust real-time communications solution that lets developers add high-quality, low latency voice and video functionality like voice calling, video conferencing and interactive broadcasting right into existing platforms and channels. All it requires is just four lines of code.

“The beauty of our real-time communications SDK is that we simply offer the building blocks for others to take our software and run with it,” said Tony Zhao, founder and CEO at “We’re constantly amazed by the truly innovative solutions customers like KioWare come up with.”

his new functionality gives KioWare’s clients across various industries, including education, government and consulting, the ability to add live video customer service to any kiosk project. Kiosks in the healthcare vertical, for example, are used for patient check-ins, fee transactions and receptionist sessions. Other kiosk uses for businesses involve remote staffing and customer support. Agora’s technology serves as the backbone to KioCall’s easy-to-install application

“ provided everything we needed to merge our existing kiosk software with real-time video capabilities,” said Jim Kruper, president at KioWare. “We believe this new technology is going to transform the way our clients facilitate communications among partners, customers, staff and more.”

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