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ANQ create dynamic digital signage with Omron’s facial recognition technology

Facial recognition technology from Omron Electronic Components Europe has enabled in-store digital marketing solutions experts ANQ to create a dynamic digital signage platform that allows retailers to deliver tailored content to customers in-store.

ANQ have used Omron’s Human Vision Component, a fully integrated ready to use facial recognition module, in their digital signage platform to significantly improve retail customers’ in-store experience by providing relevant content on the digital signage screens that they see, and retailers with improved performance metrics for their signage.

Lee Gibson, Managing Director, ANQ comments “As digital signage is maturing and developing so is the greater need for strategic application.  Retailers are already well versed in consumer data and insights and are now looking at how their digital signage can add further benefits, both in terms of customer experience and business insights.  Our dynamic digital signage offering gives customers more tailored content and through video analytics, retailers can build a better picture of what’s working in-store.”

ANQ has also developed a fully integrated Customer Analytics Module, which works behind the scenes using Omron’s facial recognition technology, to provide valuable insights through anonymously capturing customer data.  All the collected data can be accessed through ANQ’s BI web portal or can be data shaped to the customers’ requirements for ‘Big Data’ analysis.

Lee Gibson adds, “Working with Omron, we were impressed with the HVC module, not only for the multiple detection factors but also because 80% of the processing is done on the board. The module provided a ready to use solution that included a camera and processor, delivering ready to use data at its outputs. This meant we were then able to add our algorithms on top of this data for all levels of our platform quickly and easily.  What’s great is that as well as offering dynamic digital signage for new installs, we can also upgrade existing digital signage to give retailers more insights and flexibility of content.”

The fully integrated or standalone video analytics platform from ANQ, allows for data to be analysed based on gender, age estimation, dwell time, expression and head/gaze direction as well as a count of general versus engaged people.

HVC builds on the Omron OKAO Vision software, a proven set of image recognition algorithms used in over 500 million digital cameras, mobile phones and surveillance robots around the world. It integrates ten image key image sensing functions, a camera and an external interface. Developers can detect a human face, hand or body, and implement face recognition, gender detection, age estimation, mood estimation, facial pose estimation, gaze estimation, and blink estimation.

HVC-P2 can capture, detect and recognise a face over a distance of up to 3m and will provide a confidence level with its reading. The module can estimate the subject’s mood based on one of five expressions. It can also detect a human body up to 17m away and a hand at a distance of 6m. HVC implements the OKAO software on a hardware platform complete with camera.

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