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AURES introduces KWARTZ Worldwide


AURES has unveiled KWARTZ, the latest addition to its range of interactive ordering kiosks. User-friendly, innovative and high-performance, it is accessible, lightweight, highly flexible and modular.

In the kiosk sector, there are many local and regional differences and constraints in terms of standards and certifications. Requirements regarding electrical safety, consumption and operating voltages often differ from one continent, and sometimes even from one region or country, to another. It can be difficult for a manufacturer to anticipate local prerequisites before assembling and mounting. 

To overcome this constraint, AURES rethought the design of the KWARTZ kiosk towards greater adaptability. This translates into considerable time saving during assembly and in the management of component stocks, benefiting clients in terms of production time and cost. 

One major innovation is KWARTZ’s multi-voltage, controlled power supply module, which is currently patent pending. Thanks to this module, the KIOSK solution will be immediately adaptable to current international norms and standards. 

As well as being almost immediately adaptable to mandatory local standards, this specific AURES Module will enable remote piloting of the KWARTZ, particularly in the control of sub-systems and integrated peripherals (payment module, ticket printer), a significant advantage for unattended kiosks. 


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