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BrightSign Mobile Enables Reliable Media Player Connectivity Where Internet Access is a Challenge

BrightSign Mobile Enables Reliable Media Player Connectivity Where Internet Access is a Challenge

BrightSign has announced that BrightSign Mobile has been released onto the European Market, with a modem operating at European cellular network frequencies. The affordable, all-in-one solution easily connects media players to the cloud in situations where traditional methods of network connectivity are difficult to achieve. The solution is available as an accessory to BrightSign players that includes a low-profile regional USB modem with an installed universal SIM card that can connect anywhere in the UK and European Union (including Switzerland and Norway). In addition, customers can enjoy a choice of data plans custom-designed for digital signage and exclusive to BrightSign.

Jeff Hastings, BrightSign’s CEO, said, “With digital signage use cases expanding in all directions, it’s increasingly common to have endpoints located in places far outside the reach of traditional networks. BrightSign Mobile steps up to the challenge by enabling reliable connectivity anywhere there’s a cellular signal present. The solution has already been received very positively in the United States, particularly in outdoor applications and we’re delighted to roll out this product to customers in the UK and European Union.”

 BrightSign Mobile is designed to bring a new level of flexibility for installers – a player and screen can be installed anywhere there is power. The solution has opened up opportunities where providing dynamically updated signage hasn’t been practical in the past. The solution is ideal for signs outside buildings that are just out of WiFi range and where running an Ethernet cable isn’t practical, such as signs outside the front of corporate headquarters or retail premises and kiosks at the front of stores. BrightSign Mobile also lends itself perfectly for networks of kiosks or vending machines where no Ethernet or WiFi connectivity is available.

 In addition to flexibility of location, installers can benefit from a fantastic choice of data plans with a wide range of options, from a low-cost entry-level plan that offers an affordable solution for simple applications, to a cost-effective plan for intensive users streaming video over the player. With data plans designed specifically for digital signage applications, installers can benefit from a ‘one-stop-shop’ for both their hardware and software needs.

BrightSign Mobile is compatible with all BrightSign Series 3 and 4 media players with a USB port, as well as the BrightSign AU335. The turnkey solution provides plug & play modem setup with full support on, BrightAuthor:connected and integrated partner CMS solutions. For example, users can monitor connectivity and track data usage via the BrightSign portal in Data usage can be managed and limited, if necessary.

Getting started is as simple as purchasing a BrightSign USB modem and selecting a data plan via the BrightSign Mobile portal. Once connected, users enjoy 4G connectivity performance throughout the UK, European Union, Switzerland and Norway, wherever cellular signals are present.

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