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Cash Still Popular on the Menu at The Café Royal, Annan Scotland 

Cash Still Popular on the Menu at The Café Royal, Annan Scotland

Despite a reported downturn in cash payments in certain sectors, cash is very much the preferred payment choice for many customers, especially in the food takeaway industry. The Café Royal in Annan Scotland implemented a  cash automated system in both their in-house and take away premises back in March and have seen a real positive effect including a rise in cash payments, a reduction in cash floats and staff free to interact more with customers. 

CashGenic, the cash automation solution from Innovative Technology, was launched last year as an affordable option for those customers wanting to pay by cash safely and hygienically. The solution is available from strategic partners as a compact, all-in-one counter-top device ensuring easy customer access, with pay-in and pay-out managed by staff via a mobile tablet device.  

Andy Bullock, Senior Business Development Manager, ITL, said, “We are delighted that CC Dynamic, one of our CashGenic UK suppliers, has been rolling out the system, branded as £XCHEKKA. Working alongside Maggi Electronics who is installing the cash handling device, it has successfully deployed £XCHEKKA at venues  throughout England & Scotland, with many more in the pipeline.” 

Commenting on the successful installation at the Café Royal, owner and National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF)  member, John Pagani, said, “Overall, it’s been a tremendous success. We have been looking for something like this for a long time, but suitable systems seemed only available at a very high price. The £XCHEKKA system is affordable, so much so, we ordered two, one for our indoor café and the other for our take-away. Staff love it, they no longer have to count change and the hygiene aspect has been exceptional, especially during these COVID times. They can  concentrate on serving the customer to provide excellent customer service rather than worrying about change and  having to wash their hands after touching the money and sanitising again.” 

Chris Woodall, Managing Director of CC Dynamic, said, “Customers who install £XCHEKKA are seeing some excellent time and cost savings efficiencies and even more importantly – an uptake in cash payments. Plus, their customers are reacting positively too. At The Café Royal customers are even bringing cash specifically to have a go at using the new machine! John’s customers like that he is ahead of the game and taking their hygiene and safety seriously.” 

Continuing to point out further benefits, Paganini said, “The amount of coins the business needs has been dramatically reduced, we used to get around £1,200 a week from the bank for floats, this is now down to £200-£300 a week, a  huge cost saving. This alone is impressive, but it also benefits us in terms of security as we don’t have to hold as much cash in the safe.”


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