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Crystal Display Systems Ltd announces strategic partnership 


Crystal Display Systems (CDS) has announced a new strategic partnership with Shenzhen Startek Electronic Technology. 

This collaboration will see CDS offering the complete Startek display range, encompassing all the industry standard sizes and formats plus an extensive array of bar type panels, round TFT panels, square TFT panels, transflective TFT panels, and wide temperature TFT panels.

“Having been in the display industry for 30+ years and having worked with some of the world’s main display innovators I was astounded by the vast array of different sizes and formats available from Startek. I have never seen a product range so extensive, if you cannot find it in the Startek list it is simply not being made by anyone”, said Paul Tagg, sales manager, small format displays, CDS.

This strategic partnership with Shenzhen Startek Electronic Technology allows CDS to offer an even more extensive small format LCD display range, meeting the diverse needs of industries and applications. 


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