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German flooring retailer enhances showroom experience with digital signage


MeinBodenbelag, a 160-year-old floor covering retailer in Neresheim, Germany, has elevated its showroom experience by implementing a digital signage network powered by the software platform. The system includes 20 displays strategically placed throughout the store, providing customers with an engaging experience and contributing to extended visitor stays.

“We were looking for a program for our many displays in the stationary exhibition so that we could play new videos quickly and easily every day”, said Toni Grimmeisen, MD of MeinBodenbelag. “It was also important to us that the contents could run automatically and be controlled from one PC.”

MeinBodenbelag contacted its IT integrator, Kutzschbach, who recommended the cloud-based software platform. The decision was influenced by the platform’s intuitive interface, competitive pricing, and ease of use.

Specifically, is managing around twenty 4K UHD screens ranging from 55in to 98in placed throughout MeinBodenbelag’s showroom, as well as a 4K UHD projector. The retailer, in collaboration with a local partner, developed customised mounts for the screens in a vertical position. 

The installation process was easy and quick. “The players were connected to the displays, then set up on the PC using the software program, and everything ran smoothly,” recalled Grimmeisen.

Contents displayed on the different screens include daily price promotions, advertising of MeinBodenbelag’s social media channels, introductions to the company’s staff, signposts so that clients can find their way around the showroom, cool videos for relaxing in the showroom’s customer lounge and even cartoons in a designated corner for children.

“We are extremely satisfied with the platform,” said Toni Grimmeisen. “It’s super easy to use, it runs stably, and you don’t need much previous knowledge. The program is practically self-explanatory, and, if you still don’t get to grips with it, the support from and Kutzschbach is outstanding. The biggest strength, however, is that you can play different videos on the displays so quickly and easily. And it does so, on time and completely automatically. This saves us a huge amount of time and allows us to concentrate completely on everyday business. I also have to say, it’s really fun too!”

The response from customers has been exceptionally positive, with visitors expressing enthusiasm for the modern appearance of the showroom and the ease of navigating the space independently. 

“Customers give us feedback on how easy it is for them to find their way around our store on their own without an advisor. Since we also open the showroom every Sunday, without staff, the displays are used even more to obtain information and place orders. This encourages people to spend longer in the store.”

Reflecting on the successful implementation of the digital signage network, Grimmeisen concluded, “We wouldn’t have thought it possible that there was such a simple, intuitive and inexpensive platform on the market that could relieve us of so much work.”


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