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Hey, teacher! Transforming school communication with digital signage 


Transmitting a vast amount of information across an entire school community can be a challenge. But digital signage can create a sense of unity, making communication simpler and more streamlined. 

St John’s College is a leading co-educational independent school in South Wales. The school uses education-focused digital signage software, TrilbyTV, to share a variety of content, including student successes and achievements, school announcements and event promotions. 

“We obviously have a lot of display boards up all around the school but sometimes the content can become old,” says Francis Taylor, assistant head, admissions and external relations, “Digital signage means that we can have dynamic content that’s always changing and always updated and it’s changed our school communication in a huge way in terms of functionality and impact.” Trilby TV’s software allows announcements to be made immediately, making communication more efficient and effective. 

Streamlined communication 

The school has been able to display student work, advertise school concerts and events, as well as streamline the amount of work that needs doing, all on signage and displays. TrilbyTV’s integration with Google for content and also single sign-on, has helped strengthen the school’s existing technology investments. “It’s great to be able to easily share announcements with students so that they’re informed about their daily school activities, and to be able to share useful information to the wider school community,” says Taylor. 

“As a Google school it’s really helpful for us to embed Google slides on the system,” said Laura Taylor, head of the junior school at St John’s. “This means that staff and children can update them with ease.”

Sense of pride 

Visual communication can be transformative in the way that school information is shared and this can have a positive impact on student pride. Thara, a Year 11 student, says, “I’ve managed to put out a poster on screens across the school that promotes our event which I found really useful. More pupils have been excited about it and whenever I see it I feel proud as well.”

Timing is everything

Some schools have dispensed with bells altogether and display class times and break times via digital signage, “We have a two stage process in place. First, the screen says you have five minutes to get to class, and then, after five minutes, it states where the study spaces are,” says Scott Jewell, business manager at Perth Grammar School. 

Some digital systems can be tricky to navigate and require specific permissions but

Trilby TV software allows you to add multiple staff members to share ownership. It also lets you group screens and content so some users can see and upload specific items. With multiple users allowed, anyone within the school is able to use it. 

Social progress

For some schools, digital signage is a great way to plan social events. “As a rights-respecting school, we try to highlight different national theme days,” says Jewell, “Our social content falls in line with the calendar and again the digital signage will match that.” Quite a lot of the content comes from pupils, he adds, “We have a pupil council group and it’s a great way to share their voice.”


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