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imageHolders Addresses Post-Pandemic Concerns

imageHolders Addresses Post-Pandemic Concerns


imageHolders bespoke kiosk technology has helped ViewPoint Feedback develop a new range of touchless self-service solutions ­- ensuring customers, employees, patients and students continue to leave vital real-time responses.

The new touchless devices match the trademark design and functionality of ViewPoint Feedback’s satisfaction survey stations – complete with smiley face buttons, icons and text – but in a format that addresses user concerns about virus transmission, especially in high footfall areas and healthcare environments.

Christian Bosence from imageHolders said: “imageHolders and ViewPoint have worked closely together for a number of years, so when their team identified the need to adapt the latest touchless technology, they knew who to come to. We took time to understand the user journey, the expectations of the technology and budgetary targets before putting the ‘best in class’ solution together. I look forward to seeing more of these units out in the wild and the seamless user interaction being experienced by users.” 

Simon Lovell from Viewpoint added: “Our experience working with ImageHolders to develop this product for our customers was a positive one. We felt listened to when we were developing the features and overall look and feel for the kiosk. We had a great rapport with the team, which made communication effortless. Ultimately, we developed the best touchless feedback device on the market – what better outcome can there be?”

ViewPoint Feedback is a provider of real-time customer, employee, patient and student satisfaction reporting. It works with a wide variety of organisations, to provide data and insights to increase customer and employee satisfaction. Real-time feedback is the most valuable for organisations, as it captures people at the moment, providing the most accurate picture. Gartner research has shown that asking for feedback just 24 hours later is up to 40% less accurate. The optimum way to capture this feedback is on a self-service kiosk solution.

Impressed by an imageHolders demonstration of how simple to use and responsive touchless solutions could be, ViewPoint Feedback worked closely with the kiosk specialist to develop a suite of solutions that are intuitive, effective and totally on brand. imageHolders was able to create a touchless line-up, based around a 10in screen, that offered a similar user experience to the rest of ViewPoint Feedback’s product range.

The touchless technology provides a great talking point for the ViewPoint sales team, and successfully captures their customers’ attention, as well as creating international appeal. Above all, the final solution is commercially viable and meets the end user’s needs.


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