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imageHOLDERS Design Pin Entry Device (PED) Holder for Tablet Kiosks

imageHOLDERS have designed a Pin Entry Device (PED) holder to encase chip and pin readers.

The PED holder can be mounted directly on a countertop in a customer facing environment or mounted onto or alongside an imageHOLDERS tablet kiosk. This creates a semi self-service solution for cash payments in restaurants or retail.

The enclosure is designed to relieve pressure on the cabling and create a longer lifespan for the PED. The PED can be removed from the holder easily, but the cabling ensures it isn’t stolen or lost.

Other key features of the Pin Entry Device Holder are:

Tailorable to different pin entry devices
Designed to be DDA approved
Can be mounted on or alongside imageHOLDERS kiosks
Can be adjusted in height for different solutions
Cable management creating a tidy environment.

Adrian Thompson, CEO, imageHOLDERS said: “We are constantly looking for ways to improve our solutions. As retailers and restaurants move towards tablet technology, we ensure that we can integrate their current systems. Whether they already use the Ingenico or a different PED, we can integrate this into our solutions to ensure any software or processes can remain. We are looking for ways to help our customers improve their business, and we believe this can be done through tablet technology. We look forward to the next challenge in device integration.”

The enclosure can enclose the Ingenico IPP350 and VeriFone VX820, and other PED’s can be fitted with minimal design work. The mount can be angled or raised for ease of use by customers, and is designed for DDA approval.

For busy countertops, this simple PED holder ensures that space can be used efficiently and provides a stylish and unobtrusive payment solution which is designed to be easy to use and protect the cabling of the pin entry device.

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