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imageHOLDERS Kiosk Technology is Winning Solution for Paddy Power 

imageHOLDERS Kiosk Technology is Winning Solution for Paddy Power


imageHOLDERS’ bespoke kiosk technology has helped Paddy Power bridge the gap between online and in-store betting, with new interactive podium designs encouraging and optimising customer engagement.

The new kiosk designs have an Elo 32in colour screen that offers Paddy Power customers a visually engaging array of features previously only available online. Along with core sporting information, the kiosk serves up data segmented by price, stats, markets, tipsters and visualised form.

The screen is mounted at a comfortable height for customers while standing, with a large enough display and viewing angle for multiple people to easily see it at the same time. In this way the imageHOLDERS kiosk is a digital evolution of the classic form guide pinned to the shop wall, but providing a world of richer, more engaging information. Reclaiming that wall space is a bonus, too.

Paddy Power has been an imageHOLDERS customer since 2015, with the two brands collaborating on an ever-evolving range of retail solutions for the bookmaker’s 600+ retail shops.

Pete Thompson, VP of Sales at imageHOLDERs, said: “We have always enjoyed working with the team at Paddy Power and have collaborated on some fascinating and challenging projects over the last few years. This project was no different. The concept of creating a new podium kiosk style with a large format screen was something I knew we could develop; the key was to create something aesthetically complimentary to the interior of a Paddy Power shop, while remaining engaging and comfortable for users. The solution we created is a real head-turner and I am delighted that the feedback from customers and the internal team at Paddy Power has been so positive. 

Being bespoke, the imageHOLDERS solution can continue to be tailored to add further functionality and fresh user experiences, all contributing to its ultimate value. For example, a new concept is currently under development that integrates a writing shelf, integrated NFC reader and thermal receipt printer, allowing patrons to simply log into their account via an NFC membership card and print a betting slip. Existing units can be upgraded to this new specification.

Ian Quinlan, Technical Field Services Manager at Paddy Power, added: “Every one of our 620 stores will now have at least one imageHOLDERS product. This latest concept is being trialled in our new store openings and we’ll continue to monitor performance as we open shops in Q4 2022 and Q1 2023.”


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