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Jump Into Reality Fundraises Following European Growth

Jump Into Reality Fundraises Following European Growth


 Jump Into Reality has embarked on a six-figure fundraise to further its market reach and continue to develop its product. Spearheaded by its flagship product JUMP into DESIGN, the company has tested its product-market-fit and will be releasing version 2.0 November 2022. 

With JUMP into DESIGN, which has built up a 5-star user rating, architects and designers can easily create and personalise hyper-real interior designs in real-time in 2D, 3D and first person immersive VR. The software enables the user to cleverly interact with layout, decoration and, crucially, light, on a low-spec computer, then view the result on a hand-held device or VR headset. In addition, access to the growing partnership catalogue means that each space can be decorated using these materials and 3D objects, allowing seamless purchases. The software cleverly embeds a shopping link directly to each object and material, allowing users to build their own unique shopping list with a single click. 

Recent developments have included the collection of thousands of data points daily on user behaviour in JUMP into DESIGN ‘s cloud platform which provide crucial consumer insight data and will pave the way for the application of machine learning. Currently, customers can choose from over 4,000 available products through the 3D catalogue with 30 high profile and prestigious brands, including Tecnografica, La Redoute, OracDecor and BoConcept. With additional capabilities in mind, the company has longer term plans to embark into Web 3.0. 

“We operate in one of the “hottest” segments of the economy, that is worth £117bn globally,” said Linda Facchinetti, Founder and CEO, Jump in Reality. “Where the combination of immediate “real world” applications and the progressive rise of the Metaverse will only catapult us to new heights. 

“Beyond JUMP into DESIGN, we have ambitious plans to utilise our game-changing patented technology and provide the best online-offline experience to consumers in the design industry and beyond.”

Additionally, there have been recent reports that the long awaited move by Apple into the VR space could be imminent. 

“We believe in the immense potential of immersive technologies, and with other huge brands such as Apple entering the VR market, the future is bright.” Facchinetti added. 

As well as an expanding retail partnership portfolio, Jump Into Reality has a high profile partnership with the British Institute of Interior Design. The BIID is the leading professional body registered to regulate and promote the UK interior design profession, setting and monitoring standards that shape the industry. The partnership provides more than 900 members with preferential access and product visibility, furthering the credibility of JUMP into DESIGN.   

“With JUMP into DESIGN, we are forever changing the process of designing interior spaces but, above all, we are giving superpowers to designers and their clients because now, for the first time, they can travel and interact with their space, fast and easy, before it is built. The interiors marketplace is booming worldwide, and we are confident in our platform’s ability to scale and connect design-focused consumers directly with designers and retail brands, through an expanding portfolio of high value-for-money products.” 

“This investment round will help support our unique platform while giving the business additional resources to invest in talent, further product development and investigate the possibilities in the metaverse and Web 3.0,” Facchinetti concluded.


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