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Kastus launches a new generation of antimicrobial and antiviral screen protectors proven to block surface bacteria and human Coronavirus

The Covid-19 virus outbreak has changed the world’s attitude towards hygiene and especially shared touch surfaces. Hard surfaces such as touchscreens have been identified as part of the cross contamination problem.

Irish company Kastus has launched a new range of commercial antimicrobial and antiviral screen protectors, as businesses worldwide seek for a proven solution to help protect their touchscreen devices against harmful bacteria and viruses.

The patented Kastus coating technology is built into the screen protector surface and offers ‘always on’ double protection for touch screens upgraded with this new innovation. Kastus tech has been independently proven to be effective against human Coronavirus on treated surfaces, and also claims to block up to 99.99% of surface bacteria such as SA and E. coli.   

The screen protector innovation is easy to retrofit on existing touch screens and enables businesses and their consumers to interact with extra peace of mind. The new tempered glass screen protectors provides enhanced protection on any touchscreen device, making it suitable for a wide range of sectors, as Kastus founder and CEO, John Browne, explains:

“The Coronavirus pandemic has changed how every business across the world interacts with their customers. Now more than ever, consumers and business owners are concerned about the transmission of germs and viruses through touchscreen devices. Businesses are actively seeking solutions that can provide enhanced hygiene and safety to their customers as they reopen their doors and fight to remain open in uncertain economic times.

“These screen protectors are designed to help better protect consumers and staff using self-service kiosks and other shared touchscreen devices in everyday places such as grocery and convenience stores, quick service restaurants, retail, travel, hospitality, healthcare and banking. Kastus have been recognised experts in antimicrobial and antiviral coating technology since 2014 and we are currently working with a host of global brands to help enhance their current estate of touchscreens”.

The new Kastus screen protectors can be made to order in sizes from 4in to 34in diameter and are easy to retrofit to any existing touchscreen instore. It’s the same process as applying a consumer mobile phone screen protector. Made from anti-shatter, durable, tempered glass these protectors are designed with patented Kastus antimicrobial surface-coating technology permanently built in. Each screen protector comes with an accessory application kit, including microfibre cloth and squeegee to allow anyone to effectively apply it in just a few minutes.

The new glass screen protectors can be ordered directly from Kastus. 



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