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KioWare for Windows Adds a Myriad of Devices

Analytical Design Solutions Inc. (ADSI) has released a new version of KioWare for Windows, with a large number of new devices and customer requested features.

Version 8.12 of KioWare for Windows (Lite, Basic, & Full with Server) has added new toolbar controls, support for time-limited sessions, Hot Virtual Keyboard support, and support for Chromium 62. KioWare Basic for Windows has added a support for Puloon Bill Dispensers, Custom KPM printers, an Elatec proximity reader, and more. KioWare Full has added support to send device serial numbers to KioWare Server/KioCloud.

KioWare Lite for Windows New Features

  • KioWare now allows you to set a max time for each user session. Time-limited sessions have been an often-requested feature.
  • New toolbar controls have been added to allow for configuring the custom KioWare toolbar to show data and/or time. A new toolbar control has also been added to indicate connection type.  There is also a toolbar control that accompanies the time limited session feature.
  • Hot Virtual Keyboard support has been added.
  • New command line options for the Browsing ACL import tool have been added.  This option enables scripting.
  • Users now have the ability to specify accepted languages in the browser.
  • Support has been added to opt to clear or keep cookies based on a filter.
  • Chromium 62 support

KioWare Basic for Windows

o  Support for the following external devices has been added:

o  KPM kiosk printers by Custom, allowing for printing in several formats from receipts to tickets

o  Custom Raw Windows Printer, Uses Windows printer driver but supports raw commands

o  Added support for Monitoring and Retraction with Custom printers

o  Elatec TWN4 reader, an all in one proximity reader compatible with over 50 RFID technologies including NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy

o  Generic raw serial devices

o   Puloon LCDM-4000 Bill dispenser

o   Puloon LCDM-2000 Bill dispenser

o   Puloon ECDM Currency Dispenser

o   Puloon VCDM Currency Dispenser

o   LG CDM Currency Dispenser

o   Telequip Coin Dispensers

o   Opticon Barcode Readers

o   PacDrive USB driver board

o   ScanShell Drivers License OCR device

  • Support for Chip DNA has been updated to version 2.1.  This adds new EMV Compliant devices.
  • Support has been added for refund and sale transactions with the OTI Trio device (previously supported)
  • Added support for multiple currencies for use with the MEI bill acceptor (previously supported, new supported feature).

KioWare Full for Windows

Support has been added to send serial numbers for Monitored devices and PCs to KioWare Server/KioCloud

A new version of KioWare Server (version 4.9.6) is also available.  The update allows for additional reporting on device serial numbers within MTBF values.

Support must be current to upgrade to the latest version.

For a full description of features added for this and other version of the KioWare product line, visit

All of these products are available as a free trial with nag screen at Existing clients have the ability to upgrade at

KioWare has been providing OS, desktop, and browser lockdown security for the kiosk and self-service industry since 2001.


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