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LG Uplus Employs Kardome’s Voice Technology in Store Kiosks

LG Uplus Employs Kardome's Voice Technology in Store Kiosks

Kardome has announced it has contracted with LG Uplus to install Kardome’s Voice Activation Software in its store kiosks. Kardome is excited to partner with LG Uplus to provide its customers with secure interaction with the store’s kiosk digital assistants using voice commands.

Kardome will install its voice activation technology in 2,000 LG Uplus store kiosks throughout South Korea by the end of the year.

Dani Cherkassky, Kardome CEO and co-founder, said, “We are proud to see our voice activation technology employed in LG Uplus kiosks. Our voice user interface software will give the company’s customers private, secure voice interactions in any environment.”

Kardome’s voice user interface (VUI) technology provides a personalised digital experience using parametric or directional loudspeakers. The speakers transmit the digital voice assistant’s responses only to the relevant customer standing at the kiosk.

The location-based source separation technology enables secure and private voice interaction, capturing only the relevant customer’s speech, regardless of background noise or passersby. Another benefit of Kardome’s VUI.

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