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Partnership to transform wayfinding experience 

Partnership to transform wayfinding experience

Morgans Consult has announced a strategic partnership with Living Map. 

This partnership brings together Morgans Consult’s innovative wayfinding solutions with Living Map’s expertise in interactive mapping technology to create better connections between customers and the spaces they inhabit.

Living Map excels in creating advanced mapping experiences, combining geospatial data, advanced algorithms, context-aware guidance and user-friendly interfaces. 

The company’s dynamic mapping products provide solutions tailored to various industries including transportation, smart spaces, culture and healthcare, empowering users to navigate and explore spaces in real-time. This relationship will see Living Map become the preferred mapping provider and wayfinding visualisation layer within Morgans Consult.

“The collaboration with Morgans Consult is truly exciting for us, and we look forward to combining Living Map’s expertise with that of Morgans Consult to create a synergistic offering,” said Peter Asman, chief revenue officer at Living Map, “This partnership holds the potential to deliver a more immersive and comprehensive user experience, redefining the way visitors engage with spaces.”

“This is an extremely exciting partnership for Morgans Consult,” said Michael Kitchin, MD at Morgans Consult, “It signifies our approach to meeting the complex needs of our clients, providing them with the most innovative and intuitive solutions on the market.”


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