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Prestop launches Omnitapps4

Prestop announces the worldwide launch of Omnitapps4, the newest addition to the Omnitapps™ multi-touch software. Omnitapps4 consists of new products such as Omnitapps4 Composer, Omnitapps4 Player and Omnitapps4 Games. This user-friendly software offers a unique way to create interactive experiences to present products and services. With 24 easy-to-configure applications and a large range of configurable options an interactive experience with the look and feel you desire can be created. Without coding. The software supports 15 languages, enabling users to fully configure language settings while displaying content in any language to suit the audience. Omnitapps4 is developed for all touchscreen resolutions: full HD, 4K, video walls, etc.

Alexander Aelberts, CEO Prestop:
“With Omnitapps4, we set out to create the most complete and cost-effective multi-touch software on the market. Omnitapps4 provides endless interactive possibilities and customizable options for creating engaging touchscreen experiences that provide strong brand reinforcement and highly enhanced communications.”

Benefits of Omnitapps4
Omnitapps4 is made to engage and activate the audience and can be used for interactive experiences, corporate presentations, lead generation, information provision, digital signage, promotions, introductions, entertainment and to collect data.

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