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Pyramid Computer launches health screening kiosk in fight against Covid-19


Pyramid Computer GmbH has announced its new polytouch 32 curve – access control kiosk which automatically measures human body temperature as part of authorising personnel and visitor access to buildings and public areas.

By streamlining the flow of people through the kiosk, quick and accurate contactless checks can determine if an individual is running a fever and therefore potentially has the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) or possibly another virus or bacterial disease such as influenza. With the gradual easing of public lockdown measures and a return to work, the Pyramid polytouch 32 curve kiosk can help businesses, institutions, public transportation and venue operators rapidly detect and reduce the potential spread of infection among employees, guests and visitors.

Temperature checks are becoming the new norm and part of the access process to many places such as workspace, airports, stations, shops, restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, universities, conference, concert and sporting venues. Combining contactless thermal temperature screening sensors with software from ZipKey – well-proven in border control passport verification and biometric facial recognition – the Pyramid polytouch 32 curve kiosk offers a level of public access safety and accuracy that cannot be matched by existing human-error prone processes.

Using intelligent sensor technology – with over 1.000 measuring points – and tracking the distance of the subject to the sensor results in a reliable statement of body temperature. This is performed in less than a second enabling fast processing of up to 700 people per hour, therefore maximising user convenience and safety without compromising the customer organisation’s need for efficiency and security. Single or multiple kiosks are easily and safely deployed in and around buildings and can be connected to automatic doors, turnstiles, locks or barriers for access control after successful testing. 

“As we strive to take back control of our daily lives, the combination of personal identity verification with real-time body temperature measurement is the ultimate key for ensuring safe, secure public access,” said Patrick Hagemeister, International Account Director at Pyramid Computer.

“Our new polytouch 32 curve – access control kiosk establishes a test barrier at the entrance to your building – it could be your contribution to helping prevent virus spread by offering more protection to employees, visitors, suppliers and the general public.” 

Patrick Hagemeister, International Account Director at Pyramid Computer

Using ZipKey’s software, the Pyramid’s polytouch 32 curve – access control kiosk scans, verifies and extracts data from an individual’s identity credentials (e.g. card or driver’s license) and performs facial recognition to verify their identity. At the same time their body temperature is monitored. Protection from user manipulation is assured through intelligent thermal image analysis technology. The system is fully GDPR compliant with anonymised data collection and pre-defined automatic data deletion mechanisms. Data required for auditing requirements can be centrally accessed. 

Patrick Hagemeister added: “Our easy to use health screening kiosk will help hasten the return of social contact and provide greater confidence in public health safety. Government and health organisations could also leverage our solution when tracking localised infection hotspots, by utilising the real-time anonymised data capture functionality.”

Pyramid’s modular, ergonomic polytouch 32 curve – access control kiosk can be easily customised with add-on peripherals where necessary for accommodating customer-specific access control management tasks. These include RFID card/token dispensers and label/badge printers. A retro-fit kit is available for modifying existing kiosk systems.

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