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Qudini launches new self-service kiosk hardware

Qudini is the only queue management and appointment booking system that is compatible with any hardware and using native apps for all tablet devices. This has been an important strategy choice for clients at Qudini, as it ensures enhanced user experience and optimum performance on the tablet devices that our enterprise clients use to fit with their device strategies.

In line with this strategy, it enables our clients to use the Qudini kiosk app at the front of their stores. This is in order to enable their customers to use a tablet based self-service kiosk to; join the queue, check-in for pre-booked appointments, or register for workshops and events. We needed to develop some flexible kiosk hardware units that our clients can deploy with our SaaS based technology.

As a result, we present to you:

Qudini’s self-service kiosk hardware:

  • A unit with a sleek design, including the ability to include your own logo on the front
  • Flexible and compatible with any modern tablet hardware (with an 11-13-inch screen size)
  • Place any tablet device securely within a rubberised frame (we recommend the Samsung galaxy Tab As)
  • Downloading the Qudini kiosk app allows you to use the hardware alongside: queue management platform, appointment booking software and event registration system

It’s also possible to include a Star Micronics ticket printer TSP700II within our hardware, enabling you to print paper queue tickets for waiting customers

  • The ticket printing functionality can equally be hidden.

Benefits of using Qudini’s Kiosk hardware:

  • Reduce your support needs: by using the tablet devices and operating software that you already use for other purposes within your retail stores or other locations
  • Reduce cost of ownership: through purchasing separate units. If there is a fault, singular parts of the unit can be replaced individually without unfixing
  • Ensure a fantastic and branded customer experience with a modern and sleek appearance, alongside full customisation options, on the hardware unit itself and on the Qudini kiosk tablet app
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