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SolarWinds Launches Comprehensive Observability, Empowering Customers to Accelerate Digital Transformation

SolarWinds has announced the launch of SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability, built on the SolarWinds Platform. The SolarWinds Platform offers organisations of any size the ability to accelerate their digital transformation efforts by providing a comprehensive and unified view of today’s modern, distributed and hybrid network environments.

As organisations progress their digital transformation initiatives, they are modernising their operations, applications and databases and leveraging hybrid and multi-cloud deployments—all while supporting existing, traditional workloads and systems.

Organisations managing these complex, diverse and distributed environments have amassed various monitoring and management tools across different teams. According to Gartner, “for overlapping toolsets—many enterprises already have upward of 15 monitoring tools and do not wish to add further complexity.” As a result, ITOps, DevOps and SecOps teams receive an overload of alerts and disjointed analytics and have difficulty accessing the actionable insights they need to quickly identify, prioritise and resolve issues in business-critical services. These disparate tools can also be cumbersome to implement and manage, and they can become cost-prohibitive to maintain and scale, creating operational and business risks.

SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability helps solve these problems through an integrated, comprehensive and cost-effective full-stack solution designed to provide end-to-end oversight of service delivery and component dependencies, helping organisations shift from a reactive to proactive IT posture as they meet the challenges of today’s hybrid IT realities. With Hybrid Cloud Observability, tech pros gain single-pane-of-glass monitoring with actionable intelligence to expedite problem resolution and enable proactive management. SolarWinds applies built-in intelligence and AIOps to its full-stack solution. The platform is built to help organisations continuously improve performance, availability, security and digital experience across complex, diverse and distributed hybrid and cloud environments.

“The level of IT complexity organisations face is growing at an unprecedented scale due to tool sprawl, rising costs, security threats and siloed operations,” said Rohini Kasturi, Chief Product Officer, SolarWinds. “Customers have told us clearly that they need help to meet today’s challenges and reduce operational noise so their teams can scale to address a broad range of business needs faster, maximise budget outcomes, and drive business results.

“Building upon our more than 20 years of delivering monitoring and management solutions to market-leading organisations across different segments and verticals, SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability provides organisations with a single solution from one vendor, delivering a more streamlined approach to helping them advance their modernisation and cloud migration initiatives,” Kasturi continued.

SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability enables organisations across all sizes and industries to gain rapid time to value, ensure service levels, accelerate issue resolution and reduce alert fatigue and risk. It’s designed to help organisations do the following:
Accelerate issue resolution with actionable intelligence: The platform’s full-stack and integrated coverage help IT teams make faster, more informed, coordinated and effective decisions. Users can readily discover, map and understand dependencies to predict and prevent user experience degradation and service outages.

Ensure service levels to increase IT efficiency and business agility: Hybrid Cloud Observability helps teams meet service levels and more efficiently conduct problem resolution, configuration, reporting and planning tasks, freeing up time to focus on more impactful activities to advance the business. Armed with correlated intelligence, teams can more efficiently identify, prioritise and resolve problems and anomalies, reduce compliance and attack surface risks, and accurately determine where best to scale performance and capacity.

Benefit from a low cost of ownership: Enterprises gain centralised oversight to optimise on-premises and cloud resource costs with a unified solution built to simplify and improve cloud migration efforts. The suite approach allows organisations to cost-effectively start and extend Hybrid CloudObservability across hybrid and cloud environments with a unified experience, deployment, scalability and support—offering a low total cost of ownership.

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