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Tevano launches Health Shield, an AI-powered entranceway health alert device

Tevano has announced the launch of Health Shield, a visitor health screening device. 

With proprietary hardware and software designed and developed in North America, Health Shield has been developed to help business owners, public officials and organisations across industries, protect the health of the public and their staff through fast, efficient, non-contact entranceway health screening.

Using thermal imaging, Health Shield is able to carry out split-second temperature sensing with near-perfect accuracy. AI-powered facial recognition detects the presence of face masks and has alerting options including SMS, localised alarms, detailed on-screen messaging and turnstile lockdown. It can be customised by operators to ensure specific safety guidelines are met and also backed by recorded data. 

Cloud-based subscription software allows for the management of multiple devices. All visitor data can be aggregated, logged and made accessible in real-time, via a single dashboard to ensure compliance and reduce potential liabilities. 

David Bajwa, CEO, Tevano, said, “We are highly encouraged by the initial market response to Health Shield. This pandemic has fundamentally changed how people view their personal safety in public environments. By providing businesses with the tools to monitor customer and employee health in real-time with an efficient, non-invasive method of screening, people will have a far higher level of confidence to more safely go about their daily lives. Much like the metal detectors we’re all used to seeing at airports, the health scanning devices can also act as an ongoing deterrent to those who may wish to enter buildings even if they know they’re feeling ill.”

BST Transportation Group (BST), Canada, a private transportation and logistics company, is one of the first essential service companies to implement Health Shield. Over the past 40 years, the Delta BC-based firm has been a key service provider to leading Canadian brands including, Save-on-Foods, Choices Market, Real Canadian Superstore and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Don Gleason, CFO, BST, said, “As one of the integral links of a healthy supply chain, we have a major responsibility to help protect against the spread of any virus through the essential food distribution network. Implementing Health Shield devices is simple and provides us with a key first line of defence, ensuring our workforce is in a healthy environment and that we remain part of the solution rather than adding to the problem.”

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