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The potential of LED displays in the hospitality industry


Dean Tsai, General Manager, Projector and LED Display Business Unit at ViewSonic

The demand for superior audiovisual experiences is on the rise, evidenced by the increasingly high quality of content production and the prevalence of digital displays in our daily lives. LED displays offer vibrant colors and exceptional brightness, making them widely adopted in commercial, corporate and educational spaces for the vivid presentations and clear signage they deliver. The global LED display market is witnessing consistent growth, with a forecast of an approximate 15% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 2020 to 2025 indicated by several market research reports.

In our close collaboration with partners, we have found that LED displays present versatile opportunities for the hospitality industry. These displays are pivotal in creating memorable atmospheres and immersive experiences, enhancing the overall appeal of hotels and their offerings. They serve multiple purposes, functioning as public signage and communication tools to enhance the ambiance of reception, wedding, dining, bar and conference venues, among others.

The hurdles of traditional fixed display installation for hotels

Traditional fixed video walls are a common sight in hotel venues, providing large and clear visuals for their audiences. However, installing an intricate large-scale screen necessitates meticulous planning for the space, including interior design and electrical routing. Additionally, mounting displays to a wall can pose challenges in furnished rooms, potentially disrupting the existing interior design and limiting the space’s versatility for various functions.

Furthermore, the installation and maintenance of fixed video walls are time-consuming and result in long downtime for the venue, potentially causing profits to decline. They require a dedicated space to house the control system, making it inconvenient to access controls. Additionally, hotels require professionals for display installation, system integration, configuration, and operation of the display. Given the staffing shortages that are challenging the hospitality industry, the significant workforce and expenses demanded by fixed wall displays have sometimes made the procurement of these solutions a daunting endeavor for hotels.

Innovative foldable all-in-one LED display

Recognising these challenges, we have ascertained that the industry demands more than just eye-catching, large-scale displays; it requires a solution that is versatile across diverse spaces to effectively address the industry’s pain points and elevate customer experiences. Therefore, we have evolved our All-in-One LED Display solution to incorporate a foldable screen design with high mobility, maximising convenience across venues and reducing transportation costs. Pre-assembled with LED modules, cabinets, a system control box, and a motorised floor stand, it is ready to use once unboxed. This effectively tackles the complex installation challenges associated with fixed large screen displays, providing an all-in-one integrated solution for events that demand ease of use and exceptional audiovisual performance.

While foldable screen technology is still nascent and rarely found in large displays, we invest heavily in material selection, structural design, and assembly processes to ensure the reliability and efficiency of our products throughout their lifecycles – from production and transportation to diverse customer use cases. Recognising that business customers meticulously evaluate their expenditures and commit only when they find a solution worthwhile, our foldable LED displays effectively reduce packaging size and enhance mobility, lowering transportation costs and making the solution suitable for various scenarios, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership for hotels.

From our clients’ feedback, this innovative LED display solution effectively assists them in mitigating operational hurdles and alleviates the need for large workforces. For instance, by delivering guests a high-quality and captivating audiovisual experience, the 135in LED display has enhanced the reputation of the Bankstown Sports Group – a prominent player in Sydney’s hospitality industry – and its venue as a premier entertainment destination. The massive LED screen display can be effortlessly set up by two people in ten minutes, due to its pre-assembled design. Its foldable nature offers versatility, making it easy to move between floors using only a large passenger elevator. This allows the premium hospitality group to use it for digital signage in lobbies and as a multimedia display for rooftop bar parties.

Additionally, Gaia Hotel Bandung, a renowned five-star Indonesian hotel, uses the 135in LED display to provide world-class, innovative technology facilities for business customers – even amid staffing shortages. Its ease of use empowers flexible event hosting possibilities, as customers can independently operate the display for their meetings and conferences. Consequently, the display has elevated the hotel’s futuristic brand image, positioning it among Indonesia’s leading hotels.

Visions and market outlook for LED displays

In today’s digital age, the growing demand for digital signage, particularly advancements in LED displays, is evident. Therefore, we remain dedicated to advancing our display solutions to encompass an adaptable array of sizes, alongside our current offerings, to comprehensively address the diverse needs of both life and business scenarios, contributing to a more visually immersive future.


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