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Touchless Thermal Technology for The Workforce

As businesses prepare to get back to work, safety is at the forefront of people’s minds. Could SafeTemp Kiosk, a touchless thermal temperature scanner for fever detection in public and work environments be an answer to helping us feel safe from the Covid-19 pandemic?

The origins of SafeTemp Kiosk came from the thinking of the entrepreneurial minds at Media Services Worldwide: how could they use their knowledge and current product line to assist businesses to be enticing to the consumer; or, to encourage employees to feel comfortable and safe when business reopens in the most densely populated area in the country.

“Our world changed and we wanted to find a solution to keep our company strong, staff employed and help our customers and communities get back to work,” said Linda Brisco of Media Services Worldwide.

“Designing and installing technology to fit into our customer’s space when the off the shelf solution wouldn’t work,” Brisco said. “This just pushed us to pivot with our business and adjust to our current situation.”

Media Services Worldwide is a boutique audiovisual agency. Founded in 1986, they’re a dedicated team that designs, specifies, installs and supports multimedia environments primarily for luxury retail and hospitality/entertainment public spaces such as cinemas, hotel lobbies and restaurants.

For many of their projects, they’re involved early in the process, developing and designing visual and audio experiences with the architect, consultants and store development team.

Their technicians are based in major cities throughout the United States (including Honolulu, Hawaii), Canada and the United Kingdom, as well as travelling technicians and strategic partners for special and remote area installations and support.

In addition to running video networks globally for some clients, they also have a full-service graphic design department to create content or for editing and reformatting content coming from clients or advertising agencies.

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