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tvONE ships new Dynamic mode for CORIOview

tvONE, designer and manufacturer of video and multimedia processing equipment, is now shipping a new Dynamic mode to tvONE’s award-winning 4K multi-window processor, CORIOview, making it the ultimate meeting solution.

CORIOview, the 4K multi-window processor with up to eight sources can now be used in two modes. Users can choose from a classic multi-viewer look and feel or the highly optimised Dynamic mode when collaboration and ease of use really matter in your huddle rooms, meeting spaces and control rooms.

With the new revolutionary Dynamic mode, users can connect, collaborate and present like never before. Connecting a source to CORIOview can automatically add you to a shared visual multi-window display and a push of a button can take you full screen to present with maximum impact. For ease of navigation, on-screen labels can provide you with source information and audio status. To pause your visual collaboration, output video and audio can be muted or unmuted as desired.

Working in the traditional Classic mode, CORIOview’s features include eye-catching transitions, up to eight inputs in just a half-width 1RU modular chassis, advanced source labelling, colour borders and audio. 

CORIOview is an ultra-compact, 4K multi-window processor that can take inputs from up to eight separate sources for HDMI (4K or HD), DVI, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, HDBaseT (4K or HD), and streaming video depending on the configuration of its modular design, and output them to HDMI (4K or HD), DVI, 3G-SDI or HDBaseT (HD). This makes CORIOview a versatile product for a range of different environments.

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