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Ventola Projects’ launches new iCheck system


Businesses looking for ways to safeguard the health of customers as they reopen following the lockdown can now benefit from an advanced kiosk system that helps them manage entry and exit, and check visitors have normal body temperatures to within an accuracy of 0.5°C.

Concern is widespread among both the public and businesses that have been closed for almost three months about how COVID-19 can be held at bay as restrictions are eased. The new range being launched by Leicestershire electrical installations firm, Ventola Projects, is set to add to the collective armoury in fighting back against the virus and safely reigniting the economy.

The system not only monitors footfall and individuals’ and groups of customers’ temperatures but it can also dispense hand sanitiser and check and remind people to wear face masks, acting as virtual concierge or gatekeeper to event locations, entrance ways, shopping malls, and retail and entertainment venues of all kinds.

Hotel Royale example of the VAvR virtual concierge service

Able to make bookings and take payments, the 4G/5G compatible VAvR iCheck range has several levels of complexity. It is an app-friendly and efficient solution for the many businesses considering starting appointment systems and the like to protect consumers and help get society back to some semblance of normality.

Operators of larger venues can sync numerous kiosks to manage different locations which means businesses can not only meet customer needs but attain a real-time picture of in-house activity and ensure different areas aren’t crowded beyond safe levels.

Mick Ventola, Ventola Projects’ founder and managing director, said the iCheck range has been in development for some time.

“We’ve been experimenting with partners on this kind of technology for a few years and have finally settled on a format and suite of functions that can really help businesses now and when the pandemic has been defeated.

“Of course, the need for heat monitoring is relatively new but we’ve been able to incorporate it into the system at a time when it can offer people vital reassurance. It is our hope that the VAvR iCheck range can be of real benefit for businesses facing tough challenges and real operational dilemmas.”

Mick Ventola, Ventola Projects’ founder and managing director

There are six ‘plug ‘n’ play’ kiosk models to suit various contexts and requirements, and each wall-mounted or free-standing unit is robust and weatherproof for outdoor use. Its many different levels of functionality can be turned on and off easily, so businesses can adapt to the changing environment and manage their monthly subscription costs.

Fully compliant with all relevant regulations, the iCheck system is now listed and live on Her Majesty’s Government’s Crown Commercial Service online purchasing portal.

For further details on the VAvR iCheck range visit or call +44(0)7770 227537 to book a consultation. 

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