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Ventola Projects Takes on Installation Project in Cairo 

Ventola Projects Takes on Installation Project in Cairo


Off the back of recent successes with its new EL range, Ventola Projects has confirmed a VAvR EL project in Cairo after expanding this new range into the Middle East marketplace. 

After learning of the new EL range via news stories, the distributor in Egypt approached Ventola Projects, wanting to implement the budget-friendly solutions into a brand new, freshly built family entertainment centre in downtown Cairo. 

Within just a week of learning of the range, the distributor booked the project in with Ventola Projects, keen to get started on the implementation of the technology in the facility. 

“It’s fantastic to see such a positive pick-up of the new EL range,” began Mick Ventola, CEO of Ventola Projects. 

“To be able to provide accessible solutions to support the success of FEC businesses across the globe is incredibly rewarding, and we hope to expand our reach further throughout the Middle East.” 

The installation will consist of core solutions from the range, such as the VavR PC-less control systems, LED display panels and experiential kiosks, which will be used as a welcome feature to the facility. 


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