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Verotec provides fully configured and tested hardware for 7th Sense’s Juggler pixel processing system


By designing and delivering a custom 19” rack case in only four weeks, Verotec helped 7th Sense to launch their new Juggler hardware-based modular pixel processing system.

The Juggler system offers unlimited I/O scalability, with DisplayPort, HDMI, SDI, and video over IP supported as both inputs and outputs with seamless full high-bit depth pixel-based colour processing, warp and blend with a bandwidth of 14GB/s. It transfers server PCI/PCIe card processing elements into a modular hardware base, offloading valuable media server processing bandwidth. It genlocks all sources to same-frame accuracy with instant system failure fall-back across all connected devices via frame-data monitoring, reducing latency to a minimum. Verotec provided a custom size, thermally managed 1U 500 mm deep 19” rack mounting chassis comprising formed steel base and top with extruded front and rear panels. 

After supplying production quantities of the basic hardware throughout 2019 to 7th Sense, the supply, assembly, wiring and test of the complete electro-mechanical sub-system has now been subcontracted to Verotec. Juggler is based on a FPGA motherboard, populated with mezzanine FMC cards that map the individual inputs to outputs. The units as now supplied makes use of Verotec’s extensive in-house capabilities, with a machined and printed extruded rear panel and individual I/O panels with connectors and wiring, a power supply, thermal management, all functionally tested before despatch.

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