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ViewSonic launches the ColorPro VP68a series of Pantone validated monitors


ViewSonic Corp., has announced the introduction of two new Pantone validated monitors to the ColorPro VP68a Series, including the VP2768a (27in) and VP2468a (24in). Both come standard with out-of-box colour accuracy, colour blindness modes, and USB-C one-cable solution. 

“ViewSonic’s professional monitor VP series provides consistent and accurate colour performance with industry colour standards,” said Oscar Lin, Head of Monitor BU at ViewSonic. “With 100% colour performance and Pantone validation, the new VP68a Series of Pantone validated monitors set a new standard for colour performance to meet the discerning needs of creators for boosted productivity with increased workflow efficiency.” 


Pantone is the standard language for colour which plays a critical role to assist designers, producers, and brands making decisions every day. The VP68a Series has been verified and factory tuned with a series of in-house colour tests and the VP2768a and VP2468a have both been evaluated by Pantone and met the requirements to be Pantone validated by passing the full range simulation test of 2,161 colours of the Pantone Formula Guide. 


In addition to the colour accuracy, VP68a monitors assist those with colour blindness by offering two unique modes: colour blindness simulation and colour blindness filter. These features help both creators and end-users by allowing them to see how the artwork would appear from a colour blindness perspective and aid those who are colour blind to better see on-screen details respectively. 

With USB-C one cable solution with multiple connection ports, VP68a monitors can quickly deliver video and audio as well as up to 90W power charging, allowing users to charge their laptops and smartphones. The USB-C one-cable solution, which is designed to make it suitable for enterprises and design studios, also includes Ethernet connectivity, making wired connections more reliable than wireless network connections. 

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