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ViewSonic Unveils Foldable 135in LED Display Solution

ViewSonic Unveils Foldable 135in LED Display Solution


ViewSonic has introduced the industry-first 135in All-in-One Direct View LED Display Solution Kit with a foldable screen. The foldable design significantly reduces the packaging size by nearly 50%, compared to the previous generation, offering greater convenience for transportation. With pre-assembled systems and a built-in motorised stand, this solution kit is ready for instant use, perfect for events, exhibitions, or any short-term usage.

“In advancing our All-in-One LED Display Solution Kit series, we’ve taken the latest generation to new heights by extending the foldable concept to the extra-large display, adding tremendous convenience for various business uses,” said Dean Tsai, General Manager of Projector & LED Display Business Unit at ViewSonic. “With a folding 135in large screen, the new solution kit delivers stunning audio-visuals with greater mobility and lowered shipping cost. It can be widely used in the rental business, hospitality, or other industries. By improving the flexibility of our solution, we hope to assist customers to achieve their business goals.“

Thanks to the folding feature, the 135in LED display can easily fit into both traditional freight elevators and large passenger elevators. The solution kit is pre-assembled with LED modules, cabinets, a system control box, and a motorised floor stand, all fitting into a moveable flight case. Once unboxed, the solution kit can be set up in just 10 minutes, saving time and effort for installation. Moreover, with just a press of the control buttons, the stand height can be adjusted effortlessly to a maximum range of 65cm, and three heights can be set as preferences for convenient recurring use. With the 360° silent wheels, the display can be moved freely from one place to another.

The 135in Direct View LED Display Solution Kit offers an engaging seamless visual experience. The 1080p Full HD screen, which has 5mm frameless edges, delivers vivid ultra-large visuals without image grids, and its adjustable brightness of up to 600 nits allows the image to be seen clearly at any time.

Meanwhile, incredible audio from dual Harman Kardon speakers helps engage the audience with an immersive audio-visual experience. Suitable for museums and art exhibitions that demand high-quality performances, as well as luxurious reception rooms, auditoriums, or other large venues.

The All-in-One LED Display Solution Kit is designed with a user-centric perspective in mind, integrating the LED modules, image stitching, power supply, and control systems into one device, offering intuitive installation and operation. It also boasts worry-free maintenance by supporting swappable modules, control systems, and full-front servicing using an electric vacuum suction tool.

For real-time content sharing, the kit comes with WiFi connectivity to cast from mobile devices intuitively. It also supports multi-content display functions – Picture-in-Picture mode can display two different contents on the main screen and in an inset window; Picture-by-Picture mode allows up to four different inputs on one screen simultaneously. These modes bring flexible display applications during demonstrations in exhibitions, video conferences, or online collaborations.


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