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ViewSonic’s Visual Solutions Ignite Love and Hope at 2022 World Women’s Art Festival

ViewSonic’s Visual Solutions Ignite Love and Hope at 2022 World Women’s Art Festival


ViewSonic has partnered with the Taiwan Women’s Art Association (TWAA) to create immersive art experiences at the “Love and Hope – 2022 World Women’s Art Festival”. With continuous efforts to encourage creativity, ViewSonic provides cutting-edge projectors, touch displays and large format interactive displays to enhance the exhibiting experience. Visitors can immerse and interact with a total of 98 artworks by 70 female artists that demonstrate the strength and resilience of women.

“We are glad to be a part of this collaboration and provide artists with our visual solutions to create more diverse artworks. ViewSonic is committed to inspiring the world to see the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary,” said Steven Yu, Senior Global Marketing Director at ViewSonic. “Through this partnership, not only we were able to support art and the fight for gender equality, but we were also able to transcend barriers, spreading love and hope around the world.”

“Since TWAA’s establishment in 2000, we have taken the concept of we/women as a collective entity to examine history more closely,” said Jun T Lai, Chairwoman of TWAA and Chief Convener of the festival. “The 2022 World Women’s Art Festival reflects our beliefs. Through the power of contemporary female artwork in Taiwan and conversations between women’s art groups around the world, we were able to create momentum in the post-pandemic era for people to start a new chapter in their lives.”

In the exhibition, ViewSonic’s projectors use interlaced light and shadows to immerse visitors into the artworks. For instance, “The Hot Zone” by Cynthia Lin is projected onto a wall to present the gradual decay of brain cells in a person with Alzheimer’s disease, whereas “Forest of Enchantress” by Xiao-Hua Dou portrays a woman’s inner self, expressing their love and awe for life.

Additionally, ViewSonic’s 65in ViewBoard interactive display and a 24in touch display were placed in the rest area. Visitors can interact with the displays to learn more about the art festival and the concepts behind the exhibition.

The exhibition also displayed the artworks of renowned female artists. Created by Mali Wu, Taiwan’s first female winner of the National Award for Arts, “Awake in Your Skin: Bedsheets of Soul” is a red heart-shaped textile installation. Its behind-the-scenes documentary is projected alongside to articulate how the comfort of using a bedsheet contrasts the perseverance that goes into creating one, highlighting the tenacity of a woman’s femininity.

“Combined with the projection technology and the use of textiles, a familiar medium, the artwork reflects the complexity of a woman. Audiences can appreciate the effort that went into creating the bedsheet, challenging the preconceptions of traditional household activities,” Wu stated.

Dedicated to creating new media art, artist Chu-Yin Chen has won various digital art awards in Europe. Her work “Enactive Painting” utilises ViewSonic’s laser projectors to create an interactive wall. By waving and moving their body, visitors can create images on the projection, creating a truly interactive experience.

“By using sensing technology to detect human gestures, visitors are invited to collaborate with the artwork. The advanced sensing technology registers body movement and transforms it onto the projection,” said  Chen. “To create a more dynamic and immersive experience, traditional colours used for weaving by the indigenous people are also integrated to produce vibrant strokes.”

Another artwork, “Wang-Shih’s Memories” by artist Chun Chen, uses projectors to deliver a large-sized blank backdrop, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in Wang-Shih’s story and have a better chance to understand her life.


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