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VuWall Certifies SkySoft-ATM Recording and Playback Software

VuWall Certifies SkySoft-ATM Recording and Playback Software


VuWall has partnered with SkySoft-ATM to enhance control room operations with a comprehensive and integrated video wall solution. SkySoft’s best-in-class recording and playback solution is now compatible with VuWall’s TRx centralised video wall management platform. This integrated solution empowers operators with complete video wall management and control, recording and playback, for post-action review and incident analysis.

“In air traffic management and control room monitoring environments, the first priority is live data and visuals, but there’s also a very pressing need to be able to review that information,” said Gregor Erler, Business Development at SkySoft-ATM. “SkySoft solutions allow operators to replay and analyse video, audio and data after they’ve occurred. Now, with this partnership, they can do that for entire video walls. This is an exciting and critical development in the industry.”

SkySoft’s software enables organisations to record the content of a video wall of any size, thanks to its modular and scalable architecture. This aligns perfectly with VuWall’s own approach to visualisation systems. Together, the companies solve the challenge of recording the huge number of pixels of a video wall with full synchronicity.

“VuWall is continuously innovating on what it means to be a ‘comprehensive’ visualisation solutions provider,” said Maryse Montagne, Executive VP, Strategic Alliances at VuWall. “With SkySoft’s rich recording and playback capabilities combined with TRx, operators have the information they need, whenever they need it, and exactly how they need it to make faster better decisions.”

In modern control rooms, a constant increase of live visual information and data streams come together. Operators must collaborate on a variety of systems, where they are able to act and react in real-time. But when decisions must be made within seconds, sometimes operators need to have a second look for a post-action review. SkySoft’s software features encrypted storage of video and audio data, with export capabilities; integration with third-party video and audio sources; and an intuitive, easy-to-use replay user interface. Together, SkySoft and VuWall, bring a complete and interoperable visualisation solution to control room operations that is secure, scalable and user-friendly.

The integrated solution is designed for mission-critical operation centres (NOC, SOC, EOC) within government and defence, public safety, cybersecurity, transportation, energy, and utility markets. Users can benefit from a seamless visualisation experience that includes recording content from video walls or desktops that are powered by VuWall’s video wall processors and managed by VuWall’s TRx centralised software platform. SkySoft ensures synchronised recording and replay of video walls, operator workstations, voice communications, and audio. Replay is available within 60 seconds, without interrupting any current recording. Typical applications include incident forensics, training and simulation review, process analysis, and improvement.


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