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Zytronic Unveils Latest Player Interface Developments


Zytronic has exhibited its latest player interface developments integrated into a slot-machine demonstration unit at this year’s G2E in October. The unit combines a variety of interactive solutions that aim to capture the imagination of system designers to create the winning touch.

Visitors to the stand were able to experience the all-glass 19.5in interactive video button deck with a wireless phone charger and non-mechanical glass touch-enabled ‘bash’ button positioned within the transparent area of the button deck. The raised button also enables a tactile feel preferred by players when compared to an inert flat touchscreen. In addition to responding to a player’s tap, the button features a ring machined into its perimeter that dynamically changes it into a joggle wheel, enabling additional game features when appropriate software and content have been designed. 

The phone charger and the bash button appear to float without any visible cables, making this button deck stand out. Instead, they are powered through the glass via near-invisible 10-micron copper electrode tracks printed within the glass button deck structure, resulting in a sleek, uncluttered design. Overall, the entire button deck is easy to clean, not affected by fluid contamination on the surface, resilient to scratches from watches or other jewellery and can withstand some severe blows from over-enthusiastic gamers.

Above the button deck is a 43in high-bright display mounted on a pole through which runs power and data, complementing the cable-free concept of this unit. On either side of the screen is a vertical chaser LED suspended in the glass touch sensor overlay, again with no cables in sight. Within the touchscreen active area is a machined hole through which a mechanical button with a transparent lens is mounted and accentuated by an LED ring, enabling the player to change the displayed content. Both the button and lights are powered via the near-invisible tracks directly within the touch sensor and viewable area of the display to achieve a “floating button” effect.

“In addition to the aesthetic benefits for the players, vendors and casino owners profit from the exceptionally robust and dependable embedded Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™) touch sensors,” said Dr Andrew Morrison, Technical Director, Zytronic. “The advantage of a non-moving glass button is that there is no risk of liquid ingress into the button deck and no wear-out or failure risk for operators to worry about, maximising ROI and slot machine up-time.”


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