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Zytronic’s Sensor Technology Hits the Beaches of the Balearic Islands

Zytronic’s Sensor Technology Hits the Beaches of the Balearic Islands

Touchscreens on the beach? Why not? Zytronic’s Iberian partner IBHM has been supplying Majorca-based Hi-Services with Zytronic’s 43in touch sensor since 2018. The touch sensor provides the interactive interface for the company’s Hi-Point outdoor health awareness kiosks installed near beaches across the Balearic Islands.

The interactive screen provides information about the local beaches, actions to take in case of an emergency and even the types of jellyfish one might encounter while bathing in the sea. Users can also input their hair colour, eye colour and skin tone to generate a personalised report identifying the health risk factors. These include recommendations for the minimum sun protection factor to be used, maximum sun exposure times, ultraviolet (UV) radiation and essential skin prevention advice. 

In these unattended outdoor locations, Hi-Services needed a product that could withstand high ambient temperatures, sand, saltwater and potential tampering with by the public. As a result, the company chose thick, thermally-tempered anti-glare glass ZyBrid touch sensors, which met the brief perfectly. 

On top of the kiosk is a UV index indicator which alerts the population using a code based on five colours (green, yellow, orange, red and violet), established by the World Health Organization (WHO) with UV index values ranging from 1-11. Additional kiosk features include an automated external defibrillator (AED) and emergency service call-out button; there are also power outlets for charging mobile devices, electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

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