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ViewSonic Launches 24in Touch Monitor for Podium Solutions

ViewSonic Launches Latest 24-inch Touch Monitor to Realise Smart Podium Solution

To achieve a complete digital teaching model for the classroom, ViewSonic has announced the launch of its brand-new 24in touch monitor. The ID2456, which offers 10-finger touch functions, is equipped with an MPP (Microsoft Pen Protocol) 2.0 active pen, providing schools with a smart podium solution. Instead of the non-touch computer screen on the traditional podium, teachers can now complete all operations using their fingers and connect to the original projection equipment in the classroom. It can accurately present the actual brushstrokes of handwriting, offering a more intuitive, digital interactive teaching experience.

“ViewSonic has actively promoted the digital transformation of education. Earlier, to cater to the digital writing needs of teachers, we launched the lightweight and portable 7in and 13in ViewBoard pen displays,” said George Lee, General Manager of Pen Display and Authentication Business Unit at ViewSonic. “We understand that the podium plays a vital role as a control centre for the modern classroom. Therefore, we are launching the smart podium solution with the ID2456 at its core, transforming the traditional teaching environment into a modern classroom with real-time interaction. As a result, teachers can bring their teaching creativity into full play, achieving better teacher-student interaction and significantly improving teaching efficiency.”

The touch monitor ID2456 can be easily adopted in university classrooms or lecture halls. The projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen provides accurate and fast 10-finger touch functions, allowing teachers to operate it intuitively. For example, opening files, editing teaching materials, and dragging and dropping pictures no longer require traditional peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, or presentation pen. Additionally, the 4K HDMI output port can be connected to the classroom’s original projector or large LED display, allowing 4K high-definition contents to be presented on the large screen. The simple operations make digital teaching exceptionally flexible.

The active pen provides a realistic writing experience, allowing teachers to annotate on the screen easily while lecturing. The adoption of MPP2.0 technology and the support of 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity enables teachers to write as they would usually. The active pen accurately presents the fonts and sizes of the users’ handwriting. They can apply more force to create a bold font. Furthermore, the 50º tilt sensing complements the display’s palm rejection function, providing teachers with an experience similar to writing on a traditional blackboard.

Whether in a physical classroom, an online class, or a hybrid teaching environment, the ID2456 can take advantage of myViewBoard, which uses various teaching materials and templates as well as functions such as a digital whiteboard and real-time group discussions to enrich the content of courses.

In addition to serving as a smart podium, the ID2456 can also be used as a desktop digital whiteboard, allowing students to achieve better interaction during group discussions. The 15- to 70º inclination adjustment function can be operated to achieve ergonomic postures. Indeed, the ID2456 directly digitises discussion outcomes to realise paperless learning.

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