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Launch of Fanplayr 360 platform 


Fanplayr has announced the launch of its new customer data platform (CDP), Fanplayr 360.

Ideal for medium and large sized businesses in the retail and travel sectors, the platform is designed to improve the customer experience, increase new customer acquisitions and improve customer lifetime value and retention.

Fanplayr 360 plugs a gap in the market with its CDP platform offering on-demand real-time analytics and insights. Customers now interact with organisations via a variety of different channels, increasing the number of data-driven touchpoints. By unifying data from different sources and having it under the same roof, the platform is able to analyse user behaviours and actions to personalise customer experiences and identify opportunities. This visibility is crucial in understanding customer intent as behaviours change and online competition grows.

“CDPs are rising in popularity as businesses look to automate processes such as marketing campaigns and customer segmentation, but many

are struggling to gain that elusive 360-degree view of their customers. Knowing your customer is more important than ever during times of economic pressure and shifting buying patterns. Fanplayr 360 is the key to data organisation, audience segmentation, campaign planning, cross-channel marketing orchestration and analytics optimisation,” said Simon Yencken, CEO and Co-Founder, Fanplayr.

Users benefit from easy-to-digest and shareable visuals provided by best-in-class analytics. Businesses are able to keep track of all key metrics and trends that are important to them, such as website speed, from the unique perspective of each visitor, and they can quickly visualise what they need to improve and optimise the experience. The platform also allows companies to create insightful reports of how their campaigns and streams are performing, all for a reasonable price and available via flexible plan options based on specific customer requirements.

Fanplayr 360 opens up opportunities for personalisation. Businesses can collect all monitored customer data from multiple sources into a unified view of touchpoints, and power end- to-end personalised journeys cross- channel with a catalogue of pre-built integrations. With sensitive customer data also potentially dangerous in the wrong hands, Fanplayr 360 operates in conjunction with best practices in terms of data protection and privacy for optimum security.

Alongside compliance with GDPR, strict privacy management and data residency laws are followed with Fanplayr 360. SOC2 compliance is integrated, ensuring optimum security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy of customer data. The platform is also easily incorporated with existing systems such as CRM deployments and marketing tools already used to export and import data, with labelling capabilities making it easily identifiable. Outbound marketing connectors can also join up with email and messaging.

Customers using the Fanplayr 360 platform benefit from a dedicated customer success team in case of any queries, with eight offices spread across five continents. 


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