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Maggi Electronics Showroom Demonstrates Hygienic Cash Handling for Retailers  

Maggi Electronics Showroom Demonstrates Hygienic Cash Handling for Retailers

Innovative Technology’s long-standing UK Trading Partner, Maggi Electronics, has created a product showroom, at its head office in Bolton featuring some of ITL’s latest retail offerings. Customers can undertake a complete walk-around experience that replicates a real-life retail setting demonstrating cash handling processes. 

Andy Bullock, Senior Business Development Manager, commented, “Maggi officially became an ITL Trading Partner at the beginning of 2017, but our working relationship goes back further than that, and over the years we have collaborated on many initiatives. 

“In May 2020, we launched CashGenic, an affordable cash automation solution for those customers wanting to pay by cash safely and hygienically and to enable businesses to adhere to social distancing measures. Since then, we have partnered with CC Dynamic & Maggi who provide the full solution (branded as £XCHEKKA) a compact, all-in-one counter-top device ensuring easy customer access, with pay-in and pay-out managed by staff via a mobile tablet device with no software integration required. Maggi are responsible for the customer installs which are expanding quickly throughout the UK. They had this creative idea to set up a demo showroom so customers can  see for themselves the benefits this system can bring to their organisations.” 

Chris Woodall, Managing Director of CC Dynamic, said, “Customers who have already installed £XCHEKKA are seeing some excellent time and cost saving efficiencies and even more importantly – an uptake in cash payments.  Plus, their customers are reacting positively too. At one premises, customers are even bringing cash specifically to have a go at using the new machine! Staff also like it as they no longer need to handle and count change.” 

Phil Pritchard, Sales Director from Maggi Electronics, said, “Our ‘Stay safe, Pay safe’ showroom gives customers a real feel for how £XCHEKKA can be used, so they leave with a complete understanding of how the full system operates, simplifying their cash handling operations. Utilising ITL’s Spectral Payout intelligent note recycler and Smart Coin System advanced coin recycler £XCHEKKA ensures the correct change is quickly issued to customers and generates significant staff time savings, reducing the need to count and reconcile cash. We are continually developing the demo room and are currently incorporating ITL’s ICU age verification device so that clients can see how this can help prevent the sale of age-restricted goods to those customers underage. We welcome any customers who visit  the office to come and take a walk round the demo showroom to see the benefits for themselves.”

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